3 Supplements Scams to Watch Out For and 7 Weight Loss Supplements For Women That Actually Work

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Today we are going to talk about 2 supplement scams to watch out for and 7 weight loss supplement for women that actually work. The last supplement on the list being commonly missed but one that can make a dramatic weight loss and health impact according to the latest research. But before that, here are the three scams to watch out for.

1. Celebrity endorsement

The supplement industry is $ 37 billion dollar so it attracts some less than reputable characters. A common ploy that occurs is Companies paying celebrities to endorse supplements they don’t use or need. Watch out for this. Just because the celebrity you love is promoting some brands or products does not mean that they actually take it or even like it.

2. Watch out for proprietary blend

Avoid supplements that have a proprietary blend on the nutrition label. This is a common way for supplement producers to mask a number of quality ingredients in a weight loss supplement and use a lot of filler ingredients instead.

So, here are the 7 weight loss supplement for women that actually works

1. Water

Before you start looking for expensive supplements and pills make sure to get the basics ride. Getting 100 oz of water per day will have a bigger weight loss impact than most people realize. Water does not only boosts one’s metabolism but it will also keep you feeling full and make easier to fight off those pesky sugar cravings.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is a well-known and popular metabolism booster and a common ingredient in commercial weight loss supplements. It is most powerful effects come from the fact that it boosts the metabolism and can increase fat burning by up to twenty-nine percent. You can get more caffeine by drinking coffee or taking regular caffeine pills.

3. Fish oil

While taking more omega-3 fatty acids doesn’t scream weight loss. The enzymes produced can help initiate the fat-burning process.More importantly, omega 3s are one of the most well researched and documented supplements of all the time. They have been proven to help with blood flow, lowering triglyceride levels, reducing the effects of depression, and have many other benefits. Improving your overall health by supplementing with fish oil will help your body function more efficiently which will help you lose weight.

4. Vitamin D

Known as the sunshine hormone. An estimated 85 % of people in the US are deficient in vitamin D. This is probably due to the increase of technology and less outdoor activities people are participating in these days. And similar to fish oil, it is one of the best supplements you can take. It lowers the risk of certain cancers, improves cognitive function in the elderly, lowers the amount of fat mass in the body, lowers blood pressure, improves balanced, and studies suggest that if you increase the levels of vitamin D when starting low- calorie diet you will lose more weight including in that stubborn belly fat region.

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