4 Kinds of Weight Loss Pills that Celebrity Use as an Endorsement

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Weight Loss Pills Celebrities Use
Weight Loss Pills Celebrities Use

Celebrities or Public entertainer are being pushed and pressured to make sure that they look fit and trim and look like every days’ people favorite. They even do anything to make their body look good, such as conducting diet programs, excessive exercise, or even taking diet pills. In fact, not all the celebs are using diet pills. Some of them might be taking it, and some of them might not take it and just endorsing it. Some celebs who does not take diet pills are hiring some highly paid personal trainer to make their body into the perfect shape that people want them to be.

For several celebrities and public entertainer, their income is related to their appearances and how they look, which can be concluded that increasing weight could get them into the red zone of income. Some movie stars have reportedly lost a number of weights with several ways, such as excessive exercise or restricted diets when preparing for incoming roles. Matt Damon, an action film actor, revealed to the media that he has lost more than 45 pounds or about 22 kilograms, for an upcoming role in his film ‘Courage Under Fire’ which he has a role as Specialist Ilario. Matt admitted that he used several excessive exercises and high protein diet to lose his weight. He also stated that those diets make him sick and cause several pains to his body, but due to the fact that he has to act better in the movie, he has to do it whatever it takes.

In the past era, female celebrities are sought by the media if they have the hourglass figure, which means their body have to be slim and sexy. But, nowadays, it seems that people and media are obsessed with “underweight” look and most models that walked the catwalk appear “underweight”, which seems unnatural. Good news is that not all celebrities or public entertainer are care with the emaciated look.

When the news that celebrity is losing weight drastically, they become the perfect candidate as the sponsor of the new diet pill in the neighborhood. If celebrities are known to have trouble in gaining weight and yo-yo dieting, that would improve the chance for them to be the ambassador of certain weight loss pills. Here is the list of 4 kinds of weight loss pills that celebrity use as an endorsement.

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