4 Kinds of Weight Loss Pills that Celebrity Use as an Endorsement

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  1. Kardashians Family – Quick Trim

The Kardashians’ sister might be in a trouble with the $5 Million recent lawsuits over the weight loss claim. The case is filled by those who is failed to lost the weight whilst consuming the quick trim product, which reported to be misled by the Kardashians sisters.

  1. Anna Nicole Smith – TrimSpa

Anna Nicole Smith Claim that TrimSpa weight loss pills could help you to lose some amount of weights. But, Anna Nicole Smith and TrimSpa have been sued by the lawsuit that the pills have become a fake weight loss pills and had to pay $1.5 million to settle allegation.

  1. Wynonna Judd – Alli

Wynonna Judd, an American country singer, revealed that Alli weight loss pills are effective for dieters. She commented that she already lost 55 pounds by consuming Alli.

  1. Snooki – Zantrex 3

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi claimed that she have already lost almost 20 pounds by consuming Zantrex 3 weight loss pills. She also commented on twitter that Zantrex 3 has effectiveness in losing weight.

Those are 4 kinds of weight loss pills that celebrity uses as an endorsement. Some of the celebrity use it and get the effect while others have to get the problems with the law. In short, be cautious when using weight loss pills. Good luck!

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