5 Most Unusual and Unique Diets around the World

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There are many types of diets in the world and certainly, every country has a way to diet may vary. In fact, these diets are diets that strange and unusual, some diets may also be outdated and too torturing yourself. But did you know 5 Most Unusual and Unique Diets around the World? However, many people in the world try these diet and some of them got success in gaining their weight. Let’s check this out!

1. JAPAN –  The Morning Banana Diet

the morning banana diet- success stories
the banana diet

This wacky diet was begun in 2008 by a pharmacist trying to help her heavy husband, who subsequently lost 37 pounds and wrote on among Japan popular social networking sites.

The diet is straight forward: a glass of room temperature water for breakfast, anything you like for lunch and dinner and bedtime before midnight along with a banana.
A favorite vocalist who appeared about the diet tripped a shortage of bananas throughout the nation. That year it had been common to discover most supermarkets out of bananas before midday and Japan was made to raise banana imports!

2. FRANCE – The Fork Diet

the diet fork christopher's hand
the fork diet

Another unusual and unique weight-loss hint in the svelte French is the “fork diet.” The dieter eats only foods which are meant prepared and to be eaten with a fork.

It is possible to eat exactly what you want at dinner and breakfast so you won’t feel deprived, but dinner is strictly forks.

Some dieters allow for groundwork having a knife, but dedicated fork-sits insist on just employing a fork in preparation, so no spreads, nuts, soups, sandwiches, steaksthe list goes on and on. The fact that the diet also excludes fresh fruit causes it to be a diet strategy that is fairly silly.

3. SPAIN – The Sandwich Diet

the subway sandwich diet
the sandwich diet

Spanish girls, believed to be among a few of the very delightful on earth, possess a fad diet of their very own. Girls who’ve really tried the sandwich diet swear by it and some have asserted it is possible to lose as much as thirteen pounds by simply replacing a sandwich for among your regular meals.

The dieter can use two pieces of multi-grain bread and whatever they enjoy in between, but no side dishes.

Being forced to fit all of your meal in can be an effective way to reduce food consumption. Or it could inspire sandwich concoctions that are towering.

4. US – Kiddie Diets

joy kiddie dietitian
kiddie diet

In a town obsessed with glamour and good looks, a couple of the most popular (and most peculiar!) diets which are crossing Hollywood are the baby food diet and the biscuit diet.

Yes, as a way to lose excess weight, you’ve got to eat like a toddler.

Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have used this kind of diet, saying it is great for controlling the portion. We know that most baby-food is preservative-free and heavy on the fruits and vegetables. The biscuit diet features several low-calorie meal replacement biscuits baked with appetite suppressants and nutrients.

There are a number of different brands of diet cookies on sale in Hollywood. Sounds just like a terrific notion—but you’ll have to sit down at the child’s table.

5.  Australia – Kangatarianism

Kangatarian diet

The newest craze to hit against Australia is kangatarianism—the exception of meat from one’s diet except for kangaroo.
Eating kangaroo meat is considered more humanitarian in addition to environmentally friendly.

Kangaroos are much less harmful then cows, need no additional water or land, make a low amount of greenhouse gas and may be killed humanely and without drugs.

The best in free range, organic meat, and kangaroo can also be low in fat and full of protein.
Cutting back on fatty red meats in favor of kangaroo is observed as a vital tool in controlling Australia’s obesity outbreak.

That’s all 5 Most Unusual and Unique Diets around the World. Every person has their own ways to gain weight.

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