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JJ Smith Diet Plan is one of the most searched keywords on various online search engines, curiosity of those who have asked the question seems to be combination of frustration from not being able to lose weight and the popularity of the plan itself. But, if there is one thing that must cleared out from the very beginning is the fact that this so called diet plan is actually not a diet. So many people mistake this plan as a diet, however, even the inventor slash an author of the book itself has vehemently denied the suggestion on numerous occasions – it’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet.

And indeed, it’s true. People often forget that when we talk about diet, there is always a time limit – when we have successfully reached our target, we may revert back to doing what we did before. This, over time, would result in the same thing: we would get back to square one and have to do it all over again. With a lifestyle change, not only will we be able to lose the weight, but we will be able to keep it for life.

JJ smith lose weight without dieting
JJ smith diet plan

What is this diet plan about?

This diet aims to detox or cleanse our body – revolving around green smoothies, those on this diet plan must commit to take a break from caffeine, processed foods, meat, dairy, and many more for 10 days. The reason behind this is to give your body and system a break and also to give them opportunity to burn your stored fat. In a way, it may seem like a juice cleanse – however, this smoothies cleanse is a lot more substantial than its juice counterpart as it is based on green leafy vegetables and fruits to taste.

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