Arm Wraps For Weight Loss

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Step 1

Choose a calm and clean area in your house to wrap your body yourself. You can keep the room warm or cool. Please, try to put a sheet on the clean floor because applying the wrap to your body may get messy.

Step 2

Boil some water. After that, remove the water from the heat and you can blend all of the ingredients. Stir it until the salt seemingly dissolves. Let the mixture cool for at about ten minutes before you apply it to the body.

Step 3

Soak the bandages gently and throroughly in the mixture. It should feel somewhat warm to your skin, but not hot enough. If it is not warm enough, you can reheat the mixture if it is necessary.

Step 4

Wrap the bandages to your body which is naked. You can start at ankles until you put it way up your body. You can use the bandages on your legs, thighs, chest and arms in a circular way, liek the body of cocoon. It is better to save the bandages using metal clips. And then, attach it to the ends of the bandage. The bandages should be applied tightly and savely, not overly constricted so it will not feel painful.

Step 5

Leave the wrap on for about 40 to 60 minutes. During this time, your body should stay warm. It is ok if you want to keep moving by lifting weights or performing other low impact forms of exercise. You can also cover your body with a blanket of thermal foil to keep warm.

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