Behcet’s Syndrome Diet 2017

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The Ingredients Must Be Consumed and Avoided in Behcet’s Syndrome Diet

  • Stop all consumption of dairy products
  • Raise extra virgin olive oil consumption
  • Quit the intake of refined and processed foods at least until inflammation is under control. Subsequently limit greatly.
  • Go gluten free
  • Avoid sugary and high glycemic products and foods and they’re highly inflammatory to the vascular system.
  • Eat organic foods only and wash well very colorful foods.
  • Remove all trans fats and preservative filled foods from your diet.
  • Add Pycnogenol® to your daily diet and blast studies reveal they reduce vascular inflammation
  • Use onions, garlic and ginger daily
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C (fixes blood vessel wall cells)
  • Eat foods full of Vitamin E (heals blood vessel wall cells)

If you really want to maximize your health, adopt a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, relaxation, rest, laughter, love, and a strong spiritual foundation. Thank you for reading the article about Behcet’s Syndrome Diet 2017 and Thank you for your visiting to this website.

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