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Again and again we are presenting information regarding diet. This time we will present on the blue zone diet. We hope this article could add insights for all of us.

All of us know obesity have heard the dire warnings that some children now may not outlive their very own parents, and is a serious issue in this nation. Quite frightening stuff.

Blue Zone Diet
Blue Zone Diet

In the event that you’ven’t learned of the theory, it was born back using a novel by American writer and researcher in 2009 Dan Buettner called The Blue Zones. He identified the geographical pockets they call home, and travelled the world using a team of research workers, interviewing individuals age 100 or older to discover their longevity secrets. Buettner followed up the book a year after with Boom: Finding his message in both novels, and Happiness the Blue Zones Way is clear: A diet that’s rich in largely plant-based limitations and foods meat eating is apparently among the secrets to longevity.

Their residents have similar diets and lifestyle while these areas change in several ways. And embracing that diet isn’t complicated. Says Anna Leiper, a clinical dietitian in the Capital District Health in Halifax, eating like people who are now living in the Blue Zones allows to get many different foods. ‘This flexibility is crucial: Any diet we embrace must be with.’ Here to start.

They’re low in calories, high in fibre and vitamins, and high in antioxidants. Blue Zone diets contain at least two vegetables in every meal.

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