Bulletproof Diet Criticism

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Bulletproof Diet Criticism
Bulletproof Diet Criticism

Dave Asprey, creator and the publication’s writer of the dietary plan, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who had been once overweight. Asprey says he spent 15 years talking with health and nutrition experts, studies and reading books, and testing on his own body to develop the plan. The key thought behind the Bulletproof Diet is really to get 50 to 60% of your daily calories from healthful fats like coconut oil, avocado, and grass-fed or pastured animals, 20% from protein, and also the remaining 20 to 30% from vegetables. It becomes a huge trend in recent years. However, this article also discusses Bulletproof Diet Criticism.

“If you’re on a ketogenic diet, bulletproof coffee is a VERY helpful way to ensure you are hitting your targets of fat% in your diet.”– Han Solo –

“I’m new to this. Lost 8 lbs in the first 5 days and feeling better and better through two weeks. Had some initial tummy issues but supplements cured that. My concern is that if I had BP coffee every morning and not eat except between 2-8 that my body will dial that in as a routine.” – Christoper Hamilton –

“So frustrating. I’ve pretty much lived on a high fat diet for months. Just recently discovered the “BulletProof” guidelines, which I started about a week ago. I also am lifting relatively heavy weights again, thus building more muscle. I’d dropped 4 lbs in a week, but this morning I was up again by a pound. UGH! Why? I’m not cheating. I’m in VERY high ketosis. Blood sugar levels are great. What the heck?” – @judiek15 –

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