Dr.Phil 20/20 Diet without Weight Loss pills- Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality

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  1. Foods with potential thermogenic properties which could help you lose weight

Coconut oil (virgin) (Fit Fat)

Green tea

Mustard (yellow or Dijon)

Walnuts (Fit Fat)

Olive oil, extra virgin (Fit Fat)

  1. Foods that stick to your ribs, making you feel fuller and more satisfied than other foods in their same category

Almonds, unsalted raw or dry roasted (Fit Fat)

Apples (Prime Produce)

Chickpeas / garbanzo beans (Power Protein)

Dried plums / prunes (Prime Produce)

Greens – any kind of leafy green – e.g. arugula, baby mixed greens, bok choy, collard greens, endive, field greens, kale, radicchio, red leaf lettuce, romaine, baby spinach, watercress,

Lentils (Power Protein)

Peanut butter (natural) (Fit Fat)

Pistachios (roasted, unsalted) (Fit Fat)

Raisins (Prime Produce)

Yogurt (nonfat, nothing added), especially Greek yogurt (Power Protein)

Eggs (Power Protein)

Cod (Power Protein)

Rye (Super Starch)

Tofu (Power Protein)

Whey protein, unsweetened (Power Protein)

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