Farxiga in Weight Loss

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What is Farxiga?

farxiga weight loss
farxiga weight loss

Farxiga in weight loss? What does it means? First you need to know what Farxiga is. Farxiga is a medicine, usually used by those who have diabetes. Its effect is to control blood sugar levels.

Consuming farxiga will affect glucose in the bloodstream, which will be disassembled well especially in kidney.

There are a lot of consideration if you want to consume farxiga. If you ever have kidney diseases, bladder cancer, or liver disease, you should not consume farxiga. Anoher thing is don’t consume farxiga if you have low blood pleasure, high cholesterol levels, or have congestive heart failure.

Aside from those prohibition, keep in mind that farxiga should be consumed one each day in the morning. Whether after or before you take a meal, it is up to you. But once you decide to take it after meal, you should continue to take farxiga after meal.

The side effect of farxiga is usually a diarrhea and vomiting caused by low blood pressure. When you wanted to consume farxiga, make sure that you put it in a room temperature or a cool place. Avoiding direct sunlight is also recommended because this medicine is heat sensitive.

Farxiga and Weight Loss

Now you know what farxiga is, how it works, and how to consume it. Some people relate farxiga with weight loss. How come a medicine for diabetes used as a supplement for weight loss? Well, this is the answer. Common thing that relate Farxiga with weight loss is low-carb diet. Why? It is because the effect of farxiga which block the absorption of glucose in our kidneys.

The amount of glucose excreted after consuming farxiga is up to 70 grams for people with diabetes and less for normal people. So, we could say that aside from lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, farxiga can be used as a weight loss supplement. But of course with a proper amount.

It is already mentioned that farxiga is related to low-carb diet. Low-carb diet is a diet method that works by restricting sugary foods and also pasta and bread which categorized as starches. This diet method does not limit your numbers of calories so a lot of people use this method because they can eat as much as they can as long as it is not starches and sugary foods.

The bottom line is farxiga weight loss is usually used when people use low-carb diet method, or should I say farxiga has the best effect when combined with low-carb diet.

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