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Fit Tea

Various products of diet tea sold in the market show that the demand for those product has been increasing. Because of their natural ingredients, diet tea products are chosen as a good alternative to make bodies keep in fit without going to the gym and consuming specific drugs.  One of the earliest and popular products on the internet is Fit Tea which was sold in Walmart. This diet tea gains its fame on Instagram by gaining 58,083 posts with its hashtag #fittea.

Actually, this diet tea product gained its popularity when Khloe Kardashian promoted this tea. Besides, Fit Tea was widely known as a solution for  Kyla Thompson who has two children. She successfully lost her weight especially on her tummy by using this amazing diet tea product.  She said that she lost three pounds in 14 days after consuming this fit tea product. If you have no idea of what Fit Tea is and what ingredients used, here is some information that can help you to know more about fit tea products.

There are two kinds of Fit Tea products: 14 Day Detox and 28 Day Detox.  Fit Tea actually is a detoxifying tea blend that is served in each teabag. This tea contains Organic Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Oolong Wu Yi, and so on. These ingredients have been known long time ago and used all over the world because of their benefits to boost energy, immunity and metabolism.

For example, green teas are able to improve metabolic rate on our body up to four percent. This little boost in metabolism actually can help to burn stored fats and also reduce fat storage. This calorie burning can  also increase our fat burning capability.

Green tea can give energy by the slow usage of carbohydrates, which means that we can exercise longer without getting tired. Beside green tea,  Oolong Wu Yi tea gives additional benefits for this product. It is dark brown tea which grows in  Mt. Wu-Yi in China. It is partially fermented so that can burn fat quicker and increases metabolism which can result  in weight loss naturally and safely.

The ingredients used in Fit Tea seem gentler compared to  the ingredients used in other tea detox products, that sometimes make people run to the bathroom to urinate frequently.  The Fit Tea website tells that the product uses organic green tea or epigallocatechin gallate. This tea is claimed to be able to improve metabolism up to four percent, which actually can help to burn fat on your body from by drinking about 2 to 4 cups of tea a day. That will allow you exercise longer without feeling so tired.

The ingredients of fit tea use a dark brown tea, Oolong Wu Yi and Garcinia Cambogia Extract with Hydroxycitric Acid  that will suppress your appetite. Besides, pomegranate is also a superfruit ingredient in this tea. This tea contains ginger and Stevia weetener as well. Honey also becomes the ingredient of Fit Tea.

If you are not sure about this product, you can see some reviews for this product on Amazon. It seems that the users give  positive feedbacks about the product. If you are interested to try, you can buy it on in this site, Fit tea with 14-Day Detox  is sold about $24 while FitTea with 28-Day Detox is sold about $44.

If you want to consume fit tea, you have to follow the directions on the label.  You can drink it  every morning  after or before breakfast and a workout. You can put one tea bag into a cup with water and wait for three until five minutes. After that, you can remove the tea bag and it is ready to drink  in hot or cold condition.  You can also add some honey or lemon.

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