How a high-fat diet helped curb a Laval child’s daily seizures

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How a high-fat diet helped curb a Laval child's
How a high-fat diet helped curb a Laval child’s

Tiana Raposo started up To 500 seizures nothing and each and every day seemed to help keep the attacks.

The very first time that the Laval toddler’s symptoms That is when her mother Linda Florio got a telephone call from the daycare of Tiana.

On top of the seizures, during Would roll in the back of her mind, Tiana react, eat, or would not talk.

“It was a dark period, and I never believed we Would come from the period,” Florio said.

After a week The Montreal Children’s Hospital, where Tiana was analyzed for several ailments such as concussion and meningitis, her neurologist Dr. Bradley Osterman indicated the toddler might have a rare neurological disorder.

Antibodies, which murdered the ideal antibodies,” said her father Jason Raposo.

Treatments that failed to decrease the intensity of the symptoms told the family he wanted to try out a new method: a diet.

During the results, the diet Were noticeable immediately — four months after Tiana the amount of seizures per 23, she had been having diminished.

And although Tiana, who is six Because she has had a convulsion has some delays, it has been a year and a half. This is Been used as a treatment for epileptic symptoms in a patient as young said Osterman.

For Osterman, improvement was visible away. The neurologist is optimistic that Tiana will one Day catch up, despite her developmental delays and recover in the illness.

“It is very reassuring to see how far [she] Has recovered in the past year,” he said. ​ ​

High-fat diet treatment clarified

Marie-Josée the nutritionist of Tiana, Trempe, Said nutrition’s impact is underestimated by many.

Time,” Trempe said, adding that it had been first utilized in the 1920s.

“Neurologists usually try drugs first, And if it doesn’t work, they then try diet.”

First of All, the diet of Tiana contains small To no carbohydrates — although veggies and some fruits are permitted, and some foods high in protein.

The Majority of the time Tiana is currently eating foods That means grub such as petroleum, mayonnaise, and avocados.

The diet moderates that are rigorously Carbohydrate intake, replacing the majority of consumption with fat and protein.

While the breakdown varies, a ketogenic Diet carbohydrates only five to 10 percent, and is composed of fats supplying 70 to 80 percent of all calories, with proteins accounting for only about 10 to 20 percent.

“We do not know exactly how it works, but [the diet] forces the body to use fat as a source of energy rather than carbohydrates, and it generates ketones, which go to the mind, and seem to provide good results,” Trempe stated.

Patients follow the diet for 2 Then wean it off, she added, years.

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