Linzess Reviews for Weight Loss

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What is Linsezz?

Linzess Reviews Weight Loss
Linzess Reviews Weight Loss

The Linzess is one of the brands of linaclotide, which is used to treat intestinal problems, such as chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C) in adults. This drug is in the class of C-class cyclase agonist drug. The system of action of this drug is to increase fluid in the intestine, so that food and waste can move through the intestine quickly. Linzess also works to block pain signals in the gut.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved last year’s linzess. The drug is mass produced by Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.

Effect of Linzess on Pregnancy

Linzess is a pregnancy drug that goes in the C category, meaning it is not known whether it can harm the unborn fetus. For safety, it’s good for you to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant when you take this drug.

Until now it is also unknown whether to consume linzess is safe for breast milk or even to celebrate breastfeeding babies. Talk to your doctor, is it safe to consume Linzess while the mother is still breastfeeding.

Linzess Relationship with Weight Loss

Some people who have used this Linzess report that his weight decreased, but there are also reports that his weight rose after consuming this Linzess. However you still have to monitor your weight and report the increase in weight and also significant losses to your doctor.

Side effects from Linzess as follows.

Let your doctor know if there are severe side effects and long disappearance such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache
  • Gas
  • Swelling or feeling of fullness or pressure in your abdominal area
  • Headache

Serious Side Effects

You should stop consuming Linzess and contact your doctor immediately if you experience any serious side effects:

  • You have severe abdominal pain or you have never experienced it before
  • You have severe On-going diarrhea
  • The Hives
  • The Light is red or black, the stool is empty

The Linzess Review for weight loss diet:

  • The Linzess effect works up to the next few days. I am currently doing a very hard physical activity to make it happen. I am too busy and spend many hours at BR actively, or just waiting for it to happen. Hidap becomes controlled by this. Doing all that is directed by this. But I have Lupus, spinal stenosis, breast cancer, IBS, anemia, and so on. One thing I have to face is that I must look healthy in my mid-fifties. The weight gain is disrupting my mental state, and the drug just stopped working even though we switched from a dose of 145 to a dose of 290. I asked, can I stop the cold turkey linzess? I kept trying to find information online, but did not get a clear result. I said to my doctor, it seems I have to depend on him.
  • I have been taking Linzess 5 days and I feel swell and produce tons of heavy weight. The clothes I wear are usually almost useless. Do not know how much I get because I have a history of eating disorders so it does not go in scale. I feel disappointed to have to stop taking this drug because I have severe constipation and this gives me a little relief but I can not cope with weight.
  • I have been taking Linzess for 3 weeks and I have never had a bowel movement. My body is swollen and full of gas. The doctor asked me to take 2 pills instead of one and no change happened. So now I am advised to have a colonoscopy. I am tired of this chronic constipation and I am suffering from a fissure that does not know when it is healed.

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