Linzess Reviews for Weight Loss

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  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache
  • Gas
  • Swelling or feeling of fullness or pressure in your abdominal area
  • Headache

Serious Side Effects

You should stop consuming Linzess and contact your doctor immediately if you experience any serious side effects:

  • You have severe abdominal pain or you have never experienced it before
  • You have severe On-going diarrhea
  • The Hives
  • The Light is red or black, the stool is empty

The Linzess Review for weight loss diet:

  • The Linzess effect works up to the next few days. I am currently doing a very hard physical activity to make it happen. I am too busy and spend many hours at BR actively, or just waiting for it to happen. Hidap becomes controlled by this. Doing all that is directed by this. But I have Lupus, spinal stenosis, breast cancer, IBS, anemia, and so on. One thing I have to face is that I must look healthy in my mid-fifties. The weight gain is disrupting my mental state, and the drug just stopped working even though we switched from a dose of 145 to a dose of 290. I asked, can I stop the cold turkey linzess? I kept trying to find information online, but did not get a clear result. I said to my doctor, it seems I have to depend on him.
  • I have been taking Linzess 5 days and I feel swell and produce tons of heavy weight. The clothes I wear are usually almost useless. Do not know how much I get because I have a history of eating disorders so it does not go in scale. I feel disappointed to have to stop taking this drug because I have severe constipation and this gives me a little relief but I can not cope with weight.
  • I have been taking Linzess for 3 weeks and I have never had a bowel movement. My body is swollen and full of gas. The doctor asked me to take 2 pills instead of one and no change happened. So now I am advised to have a colonoscopy. I am tired of this chronic constipation and I am suffering from a fissure that does not know when it is healed.
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