Lose Weight Instantly with Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

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Minimally-invasive weight loss surgery or also known as gastric banding surgery is considered as the least invasive weight loss surgery. It includes laparoscopy procedure to place silicone band at the top part of stomach. So, when silicone band is squeezed, the stomach only able to digest small portion of foods. Thus, you can manage an ideal weight.

The benefits of gastric banding surgery

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A medical research at Stanford University in California which involved more than 150,000 gastric banding patients reported that gastric banding surgery caused fewer complications than open surgery. This study indicates that gastric bypass is safer. Since the procedure is not complicated as open surgery, patients can save more money to pay the bills.

Gastric banding surgery only cuts small part of the stomach, so the risk of getting infection or complications during and after the surgery can be minimized. The patients will not suffer too much pains from surgery wounds. That small wound will heal fast and patients can return to their usual activities quickly.

Gastric banding surgery criteria

Everyone, actually, is eligible to do gastric banding surgery. But, there are few special cases that doctors would suggest gastric bypass to patients without hesitant. They include:

  • Patients with body mass index of 35 and having other related issues such as diabetes.
  • Patients with body mass index of 40 or more and having prime condition.

Side effects of gastric banding surgery

Though it is the least invasive weight loss surgery, it doesn’t mean it is free from side effects. Patients might feel nausea and vomiting after the surgery. The symptoms can be relieved by adjusting the tightness of silicone band. Minor bleeding and infections might happen to gastric bypass patients, but the chance is less than 10% for them to occur.

Types of gastric banding surgery

There are three types of minimally-invasive weight loss surgery.

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