Ox Bile Weight Loss Extract Powder

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Ox Bile Weight Loss
Ox Bile Weight Loss

Ox bile weight loss extract powder, or simply known as Ox bile desiccated, is a dried ox bile acids specifically made by Titan Biotech, Ltd. It is a powder specifically prepared by Pharmaceutical Industry with a low-temperature process which ensures that it will be a great product. Bile Extract powder is a mixture of Cholic acid, Deoxycholic acid, Taurocholic, and Glycocholic Acid. It comes from dried Ox bile liquid that consists of all characteristic located in the Ox Bile. Bile Salts, Bile pigment cholesterol, Mucin and other components have ben removed from the original ox bile weight loss extract powder.

Ox bile weight loss extract powder is being processed in the liver and stored in Gallbladder until it is being needed in assisting digestion process of fats. The active material of bile extract powder, the bile salts, helps in destroying the cholesterol and others component that contained fats in the intestines. The extract powder helps to removed fats and producing vitamins K, A, D, E, and much more. Ox Bile desiccated also helps in preventing Choledochal Cysts or known as Gallstone, treating severe liver disease like hepatitis and cirrhosis, and treating small intestine disease like Crohn disease.

Ox bile weight loss extract powder physical appearances consists t of Greenish to yellow color free flow powder, and soluble in alcohol and distilled water. Ox bile weight loss also consist of pH with material around 6.0 – 7.0, the component loss on drying for about NMT- 5.0%, Cholic Acid around NLT – 45.0% and the total of ash is NMT – 20.0%. The Ox bile weight loss extracts powder’s total of viable that can be counted is NMT- 10.000cfu/gm., and the amount Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. Are negative and the Yeast and Molds consist of the bile extract powder is 100cfu/gm.

There are several benefits by consuming Ox Bile weight loss extract powder, namely:

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