Protein For Women’s Weight Loss

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Protein for women’s weight loss

Consuming enough protein can essentially help you to lose weight. It will help keep you feeling not hungry and avoid spikes in blood sugar, that often stimulate cravings. Protein can also take more energy for body to digest rather than carbohydrates and fat. As you reduce the amount of calories and exercise, protein intake will support to maintain lean muscle mass. Weight loss will happen when you try to create a calorie deficit, and burn more calories than you get.

There was a study which was published in 2012 in the British Journal of Nutrition that shows that getting more protein (than 0.55 grams per pound) per day will help to treat metabolic syndrome and obesity which includes too much belly fat, excessive blood lipids and high blood pressure. Protein powder stands in for foods when you are in a hurry or when you need a portable protein, but fish, chicken, meat, tempeh, beans and eggs are working best when you want to fulfill calorie needs. Other whole protein sources contain other nutrients and mostly they are not highly processed like powders. You can also consume protein as a snack before or after you workout to promote muscle growth and recover. Bringing a chicken breast into your gym bag is not practical.

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