Protein Powders For Weight Loss

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Protein Powders For Weight Loss
Protein Powders For Weight Loss

Many people, especially women, do pay attention to their looks especially body figure. To get their ideal or dream bodies, they will try various kinds of ways, including easy to hard, cheap to expensive, slow and fast options. That is why weight loss products have been favorite diet products around the world. This is shown by high demand on such products on the market. One of the most wanted products is protein powders for weight loss. Protein powder shakes have been a huge boom in fame. But are their benefits for losing weight so clear-cut?

What Can We Find In a Protein Powder?

Protein powder shake consists of powdered form of protein like whey and soy, which is a cheese-making process by-product. Flavoring is also put into the powder and when it is blended with water or milk, it is similar to a milkshake-style drink. Protein powder servings may vary, and they usually contain about 20 gram of protein. In adition, the Federal Government suggests that a daily protein intake is about 46 gram per day for women and about 64 gram of protein each day day for men.

Consuming protein powder, accompanied by resistance exercise, has long been proved to significantly increase muscle mass. In addition, a journal obesity research in the US in 2007 showed that consuming protein-rich products like protein powders for weight loss can help lower the ghrelin ( hunger-stimulating hormone) level effectively which can suppress the appetite.

That research has led to marketing protein shakes which was considered as a solution to weight loss problems, rather than only as drink suplement for bodybuilders and gym junkies. A wellness coach and also naturopath at Deva Delicious Nutrition, Louise O’Connor says that it is feeling convenient that has popularized protein powder shakes, especially for busy and stylish women.

Most women are very aware of their healthy eating but sometimes they often don’t have enough time to prepare various kinds of healthy meals and also eat well. They are looking for a nutritious and convenient way to improve protein intake, and protein powders for weight loss is a easy and fast solution.

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