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Women taking part in St Anthony Weight Loss Clinic said shedding down to the long term requires persistence, creativity, patience and responsibility. Bea Eberley brings out resistance rings when she does not feel as though exercising. LaWanna Porter maintains a list of exactly what she eats and counts her calories.

Both are a part of a yearlong pilot research that may be a version Healthcare professionals might want to replicate. The program employs a multidisciplinary approach, calling on dietitians, fitness specialists, psychologists and other caregivers to help participants eliminate weight and keep it off.

Overall, it will help them change their lives, ” said Dr. Kautilya Mehta who serving as clinic’s creator. Living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is essential, ” he Said, especially in a place like Oklahoma in which obesity, too little exercise and other poor habits contribute to cardiovascular disease and other chronic health ailments.

Se it is Individualized, every individual has the capacity to discuss individual issues,” Mehta said. “That’s tough to do in a group setting.”

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