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Every body knew that Tasha Cobbs is a Grammy-winning gospel singer. Her latest album Grace and the success of her single Break Every Chain, as well as the expansion of her iLead Escape Conference. Another her glowing career, Tasha also has succeed to solve her problems with her weight. How did Tasha Cobbs lose weight? Here is her answer while she was interviewed by Da Gospel Truth about  Tasha Cobbs Weight Loss.

tasya cobbs weight loss before after
tasya cobbs weight loss
How did Tasha Cobbs lose all the weight

Tasha said that she was happy to say that she deciding to do something about her weight happened way before the industry. She added that ‘the thing with weight loss is that you have to decide that you want to live. You intend to wear the most recent trends or not that you necessarily desire to be skinny, it can’t be about that. Your health and your livelihood have to be your focus’.

One other thing that helped Tasha Cobbs make that decision was that she was always athletic. Tasha played sports all her life. She was an active child. But, she gained a lot of weight in college because she just wasn’t as active as she used to be.

An incident that really changed everything for Tasha Cobbs was one day she and her cousin were walking through the mall and they had to stop so she could catch her breath. That was the first time Tasya had really felt her weight. She had never even noticed it before. She was one of those overweight girls who just knew they were cute! It didn’t matter to her that other girls were skinny. But that day in particular was a reality check for her.

It wasn’t about her image or how pretty Tasya Cobbs thought she was, it was about She not being healthy. She had also just turned 30 at that time. ‘And at 30 years old, you just view things a little differently and life becomes a little more valuable to you,’ she said.

So she prayed about if for a couple of days and She knew God had called her to the nations, but she didn’t want to be on medication, stop taking insulin shots in the airport or even getting there 3 hours early because it would take forever for her to get to the gate.

Tasya was thinking about her career, her life and how her body is a ministry. Tasya Cobbs being overweight and not taking care of her body, is that leading people into worship? It wasn’t. She was being a hypocrite.

What exactly did Tasya Cobbs do?

She got a trainer, spoke to a few buddies and also her parents, shortly after she realize about her overweight and she made the decision to do a process that wasn’t very non-intrusive. She understand because we don’t wish to talk about it and everybody looks down on it, this subject is taboo in the church community, but she have suffered with weight all her life.

And when you haven’t had a weight issue, individuals can’t understand it. But this is how she describe it. God has given us the Holy Spirit as an aid that will help you live holy. The Holy Spirit isn’t a crutch; he’s there to assist you. God spoke to me and said, “ If you’ll need an aid that will help you do that, then get an aid!” Tasya was freed. And she don’t care who knows! The Holy Spirit does you stop from sinning. He just helps you to convict you and you’ll be able to select to ignore the conviction or listen.

Tasya Cobbs has to visit trainer and she have to eat right. It’s simple to add the weight back, so she have to keep on top of this. The surgery wasn’t some quick fix, as many folks prefer to call it!

That’s all the article about Tasya Cobbs Weight Loss. You can also read about the weight loss of another well-known Gospel songstrees Tamela Mann’s Weight Loss.

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