Top 10 Diet Pills in The World!

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Before we discuss what the best diet pill on the market is, we should know how they works and the types of diet pills.

Kinds of Diet Pills

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the best diet pill on the market

Not every diet pills have the same effect. Different products means they have different specialties, or at least different composition. Although the composition is different, the main goal is one. To reduce weight. So, those diet pills on the market have different ways to stimulate their effect in your body. There are three common ways for diet pills to work in your body.

The first is reducing appetite. Some diet pills will reduce your hunger greatly and for that case, you will eat less which can lead into a weight loss.

The second is reduce absorption. Diet pills that reduce absorption means that its effect is reducing the amount of nutrients from your food like fat. This means your body will take fewer calories and will lose weight.

The third is increase fat burning. We all know fat is the main problem for people who wants to do diet. This type of pills will burn more calories in your body so your body shape will be better and will lead to weight loss.

The list of best diet pills in the world

1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

It is a fruit and usually the color is green. The shape of it is small and round like a pumpkin. The extract comes from its skin which contains hydroxycitric acid. The pills work by reducing the appetite for foods. There is a minor side effect when you consume this pills and it is some mild digestive problems.

2. Hydroxycut

It is a famous diet pills that contains caffeine and some plant extracts. It works by burning more calories in your body. The side effect is nausea and diarrhea for people who have caffeine sensitivity.

3.  Caffeine

It is not a pill but a nutrient which always been added to a lot of diet pills in the world. It can boost metabolism to burn calories more.

4.  Orlistat

It is a supplement that have effect in human body’s way in breaking down fat. Because of this, you will take fewer calories from fat.

5.  Raspberry Ketones

It is a supplement made from raspberry. Its effect is not too big so people will need a big amount of it. It release a hormone that can lose weight.

6.  Green Coffee Bean Extract

Have the same effect as Caffeine

7.  Glucomannan

Popular with the name konjac. It will absorbs water and fill your stomach so it will reduce hunger.

8.  Meratrim

It is a combination between two plan extracts which affect metabolism of fat cells. Meratrim will burn more fat because it takes part in fat cells metabolism.

9.  Green Tea Extract

The antioxidant contained in it will help you to burn fat faster.

10.  Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

It is a healthier version of trans fats. Its effect is reducing your appetite. And that is the list of best diet pill on the market.

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