What’s The Best Weight Loss Pill on The Market?

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There are numerous weight loss pills available on the market. It could be challenging for new starter to choose what’s the best weight loss pill on the market is. There is no prescription medicines, nonprescription drugs, herbal medicines or other dietary supplements function like a magic bullet that turns your fatty body into your goal body, of course you need some effort and some time to make it all come true.

What's The Best Weight Loss Pill
What’s The Best Weight Loss Pill

Eat healthy food with low calories and make some physical movement will effectively help you lose some weight, but if you think that weight loss pill may be useful for your diet project the following review of what’s the best weight loss pill on the market perhaps could help you determine the best dietary supplement for you. The review will discuss about how the products work, its effectiveness and side effects.

The first product is Hydroxycut, it has been one of the world’s best seller weight loss pill for than a decade. This product contain of some ingredients that is claimed to help weight losing including some plant extracted and caffeine. A research shows that this product could help to lose weight until 21 lbs or about 9.5 kg in three months. Unfortunately only one research has been conducted this far to this product effectiveness, more research is urged. It is revealed that this product has some side effects such as anxiety, tremors, nausea, jitteriness, diarrhea and irritability.

The next popular weight loss pill is Orlistat or Alli, this product could be easily found over the counter under prescription of Xenical. This bullet increases weight loss by inhabiting the breakdown of fat on the gut so that lesser calories from fat are taken. 11 studies show that this weight loss pill effectively burn fat up to 6 pounds or about 2.7 kg. This pill, by the research, proves to reduce blood pressure slightly and risk of developing diabetes type 2. Though, it may cause some digestive problems as side effects.

Glucomannan is dietary pill based on plant; it is kind of fiber found on the roots of elephant yam called Konjac. This substance absorbs water and form gell-like on the gut to make you feel full longer. This way you may lose your appetite and eat fewer calories. Some studies have been done to test this product, the finding shows that by combining this product with healthy diet some people successfully losing their weight up to 10 pounds.

Next is green tea extract; green tea is well known for its benefits for health and beauty. Numerous weight loss pill put this substance in their ingredients. Green tea extract is believed containing of norepinephrine hormone which burns fat. Various studies have been carried out and shown that green tea extract is effective to burn fat especially in belly area. This supplement is well tolerated by human body, but it does contain caffeine which may lead some symptoms for they who caffeine intolerant.

Caffeine is the world’s largest psychoactive substances used, it is naturally found in coffee, dark chocolate and green tea. It is famous as metabolism booster which means suitable for your weight losing program. Caffeine may cause various symptoms such as anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia, irritability and many more. Remember that a tolerance to effects may also develop quite fast.

Those are some short explanation about what’s the best weight loss pill on the market. Their works basically divided into three terms; reducing appetite, reduce absorption, and increasing fat burning. Now you may choose what products suite you best. Do not only think about losing weight as fast as possible, you should also consider about the side- effects.

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