Wrapping Your Arms to Lose Weight

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Arm Wraps and Body Wraps

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arm wraps for weight loss

Arm wraps for weight loss? Before we go into that matter, first we need to know the relation between arm wraps and body wraps. Arms wraps is a part of body warps which can be used for a lot of purposes. Usually, arm warps are used in sports, especially after having an injury.

The first arm wraps or body wraps was made from linen sheets. Before it is named body wraps, people called it herbal wraps because it has some effects towards human body.

Body wraps is a variation of services in a spa and usually done in a darkened room and also with candles and soft music followed by a soft massage.

There are four types of body wraps.

  1. Moisturizing

This type of body wraps will use several kinds of lotions and ingredients to make your skin shiny and beautiful

  1. Detox

The body wraps will include ingredients that have “pulling” effect. It means that it will remove bad substance inside your body through skin pores

  1. Slimming

Using smaller wraps that cover your body tightly

  1. Cellulite

Using herbal medicine to have certain effect. This method have a lot of variation based on the ingredients.

Losing weight with arm wraps

Arm wraps can be used to slim your arms, but only temporarily. Losing weight should be done by doing proper diet, balanced with good exercise and healthy lifestyle. P

eople usually using arm wraps when wanted to look better in a certain event because the effect of arm wraps only last for one or two days. Some people called it water weight loss. You will notice that when you look at the scales, the number will go down slightly. After a couple days, your weight will be back to normal. This is caused by the wraps only affect the amount of water in your body.

After a couple days, the water metabolism in your body will back to normal. It explains well how your weight back to normal after doing arm wraps or body wraps. The main goal of arm wraps is in the grey area between beauty and health.

So in some places, arm wraps are considered as medical spa. Not a full beauty or medical treatment. This is because the main purpose of arm wraps is to make you look good with “playing” with your body’s metabolism so the effect is temporary.

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