Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

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Eventhough there are various kinds of best dog food for weight loss available on the market for weight loss in dogs, all of them are not equally produced. Foods which are labelled as “lite” , “reduced-calorie”, “diet”, are not actually the best weight loss options because many of these diet foods have high amount of non-digestible fiber fillers and carbohydrates to make low-calorie foods which help dogs to feel full only for a short period of time. I know that these diet foods often make dogs feel hungry constantly and then often gain weight instead of loosing it. It happens because it is rather difficult for dog owners to avoid from constant begging of their dogs. Here are some guidelines which might help you as dog owners to choose foods that contain effective nutrient levels to get healthy weight loss for your dogs .

Best Dog Food For Weight Loss
Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

Which ones is best dog food for weight loss : Diet foods or normal food ?

People who have dogs sometimes give less foos for their dogs to lose their weight. This kind of strategy may be the most effective in dogs which are a bit overweight or moderately overweight. Most usual maintenance diet foods are very dense in calorie and also contain around 400 until 500 calories for each cup or can. It can make it easy enough to overfeed dogs and finally, it fails to lose weight. If your dogs are seriously obese or overweight, it is recommended for you to give foods that contain around 250 until 350 calories for each 8 ounce cup and 13 ounce can. They are usually high in protein ( about 30% or greater), lower in fat (around 10%) and also lower in carbohydrate to keep the whole calorie count specifically controlled.

If you decide to feed your dogs foods higher in calorie, you will feed with very low amount to get the low number of calories which are needed for your dogs to lose their weight. It will make your pets feel possiblly less satisfied and may beg foods more frequently. In addition, the real health concern is that reducing the amount of pet foods can rob essential nutrients for the pets.

It is better for you to choose dog foods which are high in protein . This kind of foods will lead to satiety that will make the dogs beg less. It will be easier for dog owners to regularly stick to the diet. When your dogs diet, their bodies will burn fat and also muscle for getting energy. These lower carbohydrate and higher protein foods usually have less amount of fiber. Fiber is usually added to lose weight to give fullness feeling. This will make food palatability lower and stool volume higher. You should also avoid dog foods which contain unhealthy ingredients, such as by-products, excessive fillers, sugars, and aartificial additives.

Some examples of best dog food for weight loss

Acana Light & Fit Dry Dog Food is one of good examples of best dog food for weight loss without prescription which will help weight management along with high quality nutrition. It contains an excellent ingredient profile with 35% of protein, 10% of fat, about 30% of carbohydrates, and also 325 calories for each cup.

There are some other companies that produce balanced carbohydrate and protein maintenance for weight management, besides having high quality ingredients which can also be useful for weight loss in dogs. These foods generally contain at least 25% of protein and 265 and 350 calories per 13 ounce can and 8 ounce cup. Here are some good examples: Now! Grain Free Senior, Merrick dry foods and their canned foods, Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix, Vegetable and Brown Rice Casserole, Halo Spot’s Stew and Evanger’s Signature Series grain.

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