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Many people failed to lose weight because they want instant results and they feel that they do not have enough time to work out. We should remember that there is no drug or supplement that can improve weight loss without following a certain diet and exercise. However, some products augment the weight loss regimen effects. This best otc diet pill actually can help people lose weight as they are used regularly and conscientiously under a health care provider guidance. Please consult a physician before you begin any kinds of weight loss programs. Here are some best otc diet pill that you can try to reduce your weight.

Best Otc Diet Pill
Best Otc Diet Pill

The first is Alli. Alli, which is known as orlistat, is the only best otc diet pill which is approved by FDA in the U.S. Alli is actually a low-dose version from the prescription drug Xenical, that works by stopping the absorption of fat in our digestive tract. Although Alli is regarded as not harmful or safee, the Mayo Clinic informs that the FDA is studying possible liver damage ceses which are associated with it. As a consideration, it is better to consult a primary health care provider before consuming Alli if you have a problem of liver or digestive problems.

The second is Green Tea Extract. It has been used for thousands of years for health purposes. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that this product has ability help to improve weight loss and maintain body weight in women who are overweight or obese. However, it also has side effects which are mostly associated with high caffeine content in green tea. Health care providers can recommend some caffeine-free formulations as best otc diet pill for some people who are sensitive enough to stimulants.

The third choise is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is also known as CLA which occurs naturally in cheeses, meats, and also certain plant-based oils. It is reported that CLA may help you to enable weight loss by either lowering body fat or enabling muscle genesis. Generally, CLA brings relatively few side effects. But the Mayo Clinic explains that there is no sufficient evidence to prove its safety or efficacy. So it can not become one of best otc diet pill

The fourth is Hoodia. It has become so popular as a best otc diet pill for women. A tribe of South Africa, The San bushman, traditionally chewed it to defeat hunger pangs all day. In latest naturopathy, it can be used to decrease the appetite. Although it has historic reputation as an effective and safe product, actually there is so little evidence of hoodia which support benefits or risks.

The fifth is Chitosan. It is a specific form of porous marine fiber which is derived from the crustaceans exoskeletons. These kinds of products can enable you lose weight by reducing the fat absorption in the stomach, but there are no enough well-designed studies to support its effectiveness. So, it can not become your best otc diet pill. Unfortunately, chitosan mostly causes some serious side effects. Please, Do not take chitosan if your body is allergic to shellfish.

I think the afromentioned options of best otc diet pill are worth to try if you are looking for a beneficial product to lose your weight. Please, make sure that you do not have any health issues or problem before you consume it. If you have health problems, you should contact your doctor. It can be dangerous if you consume the product if you have problems with health. Maybe the problems will be more serious if you try this otc diet pill.

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