Bulletproof Diet Criticism

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“I have an issue with food in general and for me “bulletproof coffee” has saved my life. I can go for hours without thinking about food and feeling out of control with it all the time. I am 50 and have been battling my food addiction in every way possible for 25 years, and finally a ketogenic diet has brought sanity to my world. I would not have found that If I hadn’t tried the bulletproof coffee. Having said that I try to keep it to only two cups a day and I am pretty strict about only 1 tbs of coconut oil and 1 tbs of butter + my cream per cup. I haven’t lost a ton of weight but the weight off my mind is enormous! Not everything is good for everyone, you have to find what is healthiest for your mind and body and do that :)”– Beth Connel –

According to some on-line reviews said that java that was bulletproof can work for those who are on a ketogenic diet, particularly for many people. There are plenty online about it increasing their energy levels and helping individuals shed weight. In case you discover that java that was bulletproof enhances your well-being, well-being and standard of living, then maybe it’s worth the negative of drastically reduced nutrient load.

Nonetheless, that is likely a horrible thought for those who eat plenty of carbs. High-carb and high fat in once is a recipe for failure. Maybe you’re among those that react badly, the lone way to learn would be to get examined.

By the end of the day, java that is bulletproof may work for many people but can be a total catastrophe for others. Remember the studies showing health and security benefits of low carb and ketogenic diets FAILED to possess bulletproof java, which can be a fresh phenomenon is drunk by the participants and additionally, there isn’t any study on bulletproof java, whether on a low-carb diet or not, revealing it is safe.

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