Can I Use Whey Protein to Lose Weight?

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Most women have an obsession of having slim body or at least having an ideal weight. There are so many ways to lose weight from exercising to dieting. Each times there are new weight loss tricks, it’s almost guaranteed that women would apply those tricks. There is an interesting research about using whey protein for women’s weight loss. Whey which is milk-derived substance is reported creating few critical pathways that can lead to an optimal weight. We are going to explore those pathways, so that we understand how whey protein helps us losing weight. Check this out.

best whey protein for female weight gain
whey protein for women’s weight loss

Whey influences appetite-regulator hormone

We already know that our psychological and physical condition could affect our appetite for foods. Interestingly, hormones also influence our appetite. The one particular hormone that helps us control appetite is cholecystokinin. Cholecystokinin is released when we digest the foods, and it gives us satiety feeling.

A research study at the University of Surrey in England reported that participants who had drunk whey liquids had increasing hormones related to the feelings of fullness which were cholecystokinin and glucagon-like peptide 1. The study also reported that participants ate less calories after drinking whey beverages.

This study gives a scientific-evidence that whey beverages reduce our appetite, thus we can manage an optimal weight.

Whey affects blood sugar regulation

Obesity can cause insulin hormone less sensitive to regulate glucose in the blood. That is why we often find obese people having high blood sugar level. If this condition is not treated immediately, they would have higher risk of getting diabetes.

A study at University of Adelaide in Australia was conducted to determine which protein gives better results in reducing body weight and increasing insulin sensitivity between whey and beef. Its subjects were rats.

The study reported that whey-feed rats have shown increased insulin sensitivity along with decreased body fats more than beef-feed rats have shown. The result indicates that whey is better substance to regulate blood sugars and to lose body weight.

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