Collagen Protein And Weight Loss

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Empty Stomach Supports the Real Weight Loss

Most products of collagen supplement for weight loss have one similar thing. They recommend that the collagen supplements have to be consumed on an empty stomach (without consuming food) three hours before going to bed. People who eat more than needed usually eat before going to bed and the food which is consumed at this specific period of time has less possibilities to be burned off so that this condition will lead to gain excessive weight.

It can be concluded that the eating restriction before sleeping actually can lead to the effectiveness of weight loss. In many products available on the market, the collagen is collaborated with Aloe Vera. When it is taken internally, Aloe Vera will be a mild diuretic. Getting our body’s water out will certainly contribute to the existence of weight loss.

Needing more Evidence

There is only little scientific evidence to support the claims that collagen protein and weight loss have a strong relation. There are some questions such as whether or not collagen pill is absorbed by our bodies in a useful way. Most scientific experiments done on collagen effects only involved chicken collagen, that is not actually used in many collagen supplements. Eventhough ssome people report a noticeable improvement after taking the supplement, It could be the result of no eating to take the pills before going to bed, as explained above.

In conclusion, the real effective way to lose our body weight relies on a simple formula which is eating less foof and do more exercises. Eventhough collagen protein supplements possibly can have a mild effect on losing weight and improving appearance, these claims are not yet proven. It is more possibly the habits we do before or after taking the pills which becomes the real cause of weight loss.

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