Dr.Phil 20/20 Diet without Weight Loss pills- Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality

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Dr. Phil has a fascinating “Dr. Phil” Episode on Tv. He’s a writer of a book New York Times best seller called the 20/20 diet that promises to turn your weight loss vision into reality with 20 key foods without consuming weight loss pills. The diet focuses on 20 foods that Dr.Phil calls power food 20 key foods, called the 20/20 Foods, which theories indicate may help enhance the body’s thermogenesis (or caloric burn) and help us feel full.

Dr. Phil weight loss
Dr. Phil weight loss

Dr.Phill divides the diet into four phases:

Phase 1 is day boost – you can eat only the 20 foods listed in the guideline

Phase 2 is day sustain – you can add foods outside the original 20 but all meals and snacks must have at least two of the original 20/20

Phase 3 is Day Sustain – Again, more foods are allowed in this phase. You should eat four meals, four hours apart for 20 days. You can also add a few or more foods.

And the last phase is called Management Phase – you should continue eating your healthy foods from previous phases and just change your lifestyle to keep yourself in check like weighing and measuring and not letting a busy schedule get in the way of maintaining your goals.

If you don’t reach your goal weight by the end of Phase 3, you should repeat the first three phases until you reach your goal. You are encouraged to download and use the 20/20 app (available for iPhone and Android)

What You should Eat and What You Shouldn’t eat

Dr. Phil food plan emphasizes 20 key power foods without weight loss pill. Such as: , green tea, yogurt, almond milk, soy milk,apples,strawberries, pineapple, banana, watermelon, corns, potato, broccoli, lotus, oats,and soon

you can add other foods like chicken breast, tuna, oats, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, cashews, blueberries, avocado, raspberries, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach, quinoa, and black beans. Don’t forget to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day on this plan. Dr.Phil also suggests us to consume a high-quality multiple vitamin-mineral supplements.

How does Dr. Phil diet without weight loss pill it Work?

Food should be eaten to get enough nutrition. It shouldn’t be used to entertain you or to just comfort you. people who eat because of stress or emotion are 15 times more likely to be overweight or obese. Dr. Phill book discussed the “right way of thinking” to get your mind and behavior right in order to get your body lean and healthy. It also claims to overcome people to deal with ‘rebellion triggers’ that make them break a diet easily. In this book, the 20 key foods on this diet are said to help increase your body’s thermogenesis it is related to your metabolism) and keep you feel fuller.

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