Gerson Therapy Diet

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Dr. Gerson developed the diet initially (Gerson Therapy Diet) in an effort to alleviate his own migraine head aches. Throughout the course of prescribing the diet for some other patients he found that it also appeared to be successful for patients with other ailments.

In 1928, a patient with liver metastases and bile duct cancer insisted that he prescribe a diet for her. Dr. Gerson unwillingly consented because of her inferior prospects, but was surprised when she seemingly recovered six months after.

Gerson Therapy Diet
Gerson Therapy Diet

For helping terminal patients, he developed reputation and was invited to present a 1946 Congressional Medical hearing with case histories. He presented written case histories of ten patients treated along with his diet who have been healed of cancer that was advanced.

The American Medical Association (AMA) strongly criticized these demonstrations as being only “clinical opinions” and not “scientific evidence”. Then, as nevertheless stays mostly now, diet wasn’t accepted by mainstream medical view as having any part in cancer development or treatment and Dr. Gerson lost his hospital association and was refused malpractice insurance.

His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, RN, who started a clinic resurrected in 1976 his plan. Now, the Gerson Institute, located in San Diego, California, trains clinicians for other practices as well as the Tijuana.

Research is conducted by the Gerson Research Organization to the function of nutrition and diet in the control of cancer and other disorders using a focus upon the Gerson Diet along with a connected metabolic intervention plan called Issels treatment.

This surroundings is the “land”, on which cancers grow and which is mainly in charge of progression or regression of the condition.

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