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According to Hills website, Hill’s Science Diet Kd has been proven clinically to improve quality of dog life. Does it really improve dogs’ life quality that seem to be fed sawdust? Or is it a meaningless claim? As listed on the label, the main ingredient of the food is brewers rice, which definitely sounds like not very good food. There have been claims of sick dogs which were predicted to have only 6 months to live, but then they survive because of this food for many years. That claim could be true and it should be supported by further test and research.

Hill's Science Diet Kd
Hill’s Science Diet Kd

Here is alist of some poor ingredients used in this food. The first is brewers rice which is a waste product. Maybe we would ask whether this main ingredient is healthy for dogs. The second one is corn gluten meal which is a by-product from a non-nutritious filler. This substance can lead to allergies in dogs. The third is beet pulp which is a dubious fiber source and also high in sugar. The fourth is Iodized salt which can cause hypertension and dog’s kidney dysfunction. And the last one is calcium sulphate.

Many people are wondering why a premium product like Hill’s Science Diet Kd use many rubbish ingredients in it. Moreover, the amount of the vitamin and mineral are standard and no one is considered quality. Some people may realize that this is formulated for dogs with kidney problems, but there is no meat in it (just pork fat). How will the dogs get strength and muscle mass? The ingredient of brewers rice and others will seemigly cause the dogs to get more weight and lose muscle, that can cause rising problems in the long term.

Hill’s Science Diet Kd can be sold in a prescription formula, and the price per kilo is realtively expensive. What are the good points? The most wellknown benefit is that its flaxseed is high as listed on the ingredients label which is needed for kidney health and also overall body. How about the bad points of this product ? There are some to mention. The first is the ingredients are so sub-standard.

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