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Why Do Vets Recommend Hill’s Science Diet Kd ?

According to a vet who does not want to be recognized, He himself does not give this product to his pets patients. He returns to give his pet patients, cat and dogs, real food even they have kidney and liver disease. In fact, they will eat better, and do better clinically. There are also some other vets who did a blood test and got shocked when they found that the level of the Urea and Creatinine (kidney markers) had fallen eventhough the dog patients ate meats again.

Other Reasonable Possiblities

We are not so sure why the producer puts intentionally dangerous ingredients in Hill’s Science Diet Kd product for people to feed sick cats or dogs. What do they want to show? It is possible that the bad ingredients are intended to help sick dogs and cats to live longer, so that you keep on spending money to buy their prescription diets. They may have spesific reasons why they use those notorious ingredients, like reducing phosphorous or salt. How about meat absence in Hill’s Science Diet Kd? . Maybe, it is to restrict protein. In patients who suffer from kidney failure, their ability to excrete waste product is less and this rises in the blood leading to severe consequences. In addition, Brewers Rice can also constitute the main bulk of the food. If the ingredients have no benefits at all, perhaps, Hills does not intentionally use harmful ingredients in the products, but they still certainly use othee profitable ingredients.

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