How this woman managed to lose 7 stone just by lifting weights

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Boyfriend of 18 months on which was assumed for a romantic weekend off.

Heartbroken and stunned, Sian hauled herself into the gym so Fast forward two Decades, Sian has dropped seven gems, six apparel Sizes and is presently a newly-qualified private trainer.

“Initially I went into the 24-hour-gym at night so nobody could see me. I wanted something to get me from the home.”

How this woman managed to lose 7 stone just by lifting weights
How this woman managed to lose 7 stone just by lifting weights

She attempted running on the treadmill in the beginning, believing that Was what she needed to do to eliminate weight, but she did not like it and it did not work. She gradually realised that doing something you enjoy and love, always, is the secret to becoming fitter.

“I pulled myself into it and was feeling so far. I was not thinking about my ex, I was only getting better and stronger,” she clarifies.

“Weightlifting completely shifted my entire thought process. The notion of getting more powerful, more empowered and feeling better in my own was such a fantastic feeling. I began focusing less about the weight reduction, despite the fact that it was occurring. I was focusing more on getting more powerful.”


Sian has also made healthful diet and lifestyle modifications, but Not one of those involved the normal cardio workouts she had been initially so daunted by. Now, she is eager to remind folks that in case the concept of a spin course or running a half marathon does not appeal to them, it does not mean that they can not find something which makes them feel decent and makes them fitter.

“If I had not discovered weightlifting I likely would not Have stuck at it to be fair,” she states. “I’ve been attempting to drop weight for several years. It was just when I discovered weightlifting that matters changed.”

That is short for macronutrients and contains the 3 food groups of carbs, fats and proteins. She states that this has enabled her to consume everything in moderation – believing she could still have pizza today and again. For Sian, it has been a far more effective method of tracking her food consumption compared to counting calories.

“I really lost more fat eating 2,000 calories compared to

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