Why Diets Fail

Why Diets Fail


95% of diets fail and most will regain their lost weight in 1-5 years

Dieting can be a stressful and grueling process. Unfortunately, despite the hard work and dedication, many diets end up failing. While there can be a variety of reasons for this, there are certain obstacles that can be anticipated and avoided for a more successful diet.

Expect Setbacks

The biggest cause of failure when dieting is expecting perfection. It’s unrealistic to expect never to make a mistake or have a relapse. Everyone is human and mistakes will happen occasionally. The important thing is to be able to recognize them and recover quickly. A good attitude is key; it’s important to be able to recognize and accept that occasional slips are part of the process.

Unrealistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is another common reason diets fail. A goal should be achievable yet still difficult; it should keep a person motivated while also remaining within reach. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and staying active can improve an individual’s health, regardless of the number on the scale. It’s important to keep track of other markers of progress, such as energy levels or body composition.

Lack of Meal Planning

If a dieter fails to make a meal plan, it’s easy to forget to shop for groceries or have healthy meals prepared. This can lead to eating out or eating unhealthy food, which can lead to diet failure. Meal planning takes some time and effort, but it can help an individual stick to their diet plan and understand exactly what they’re eating.

Poor Social Support

It’s important to have influential people in an individual’s life who can provide motivation and accountability when dieting. If people close to an individual don’t endorse healthy habits and encourage dieting, it will be harder to stick to a plan. Having friends, family, or professionals to lean on can make a world of difference to someone who’s dieting.


Before beginning a diet, it’s important to set realistic goals, plan meals, and have social support. Dieting is never easy, but by being prepared and having a good attitude, it’s possible to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With time, dedication, and a bit of luck, a dieter can be successful and make the changes they’ve been hoping for.